Case Study 5 – Keep or Abort (Discussion)

Kike’s story resonates with several young girls and women who for one reason or the other have found themselves carrying a pregnancy that was never planned for or expected.

So in rounding up this discussion, we will try to look out both the victims and the support systems available in our society.

I got some interesting responses and mostly skewed towards aborting the pregnancy. Quite understandable because we usually prefer the path of least resistance or the path with less troubles.

Now let us logically look at the Pros and Cons of both.



Kike saves herself from embarrassment.

Kike can continue to lead a ‘normal life.’

The unborn child would not have to fight identity battle.


Kike can have health complications in the process.

Kike would have to deal with her conscience for life.

Another life has been truncated.



Kike becomes a carrier of life and births a destiny

Saves herself from complications arising from abortion


Kike can’t lead a normal life again

She has to deal with the financial issues of nursing the pregnancy and child

She might have to deal with the issue of stigmatisation. (You can add to this list)

Now leaving logic, it is important to note that the process of conception is spiritual, without belittling our knowledge of biology. Every child that is conceived is a divine gift and should be dealt with as such. If there was no purpose for the child, God wouldn’t have allowed the conception.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are, it remains a gift from God. You can however choose to accept it or reject it.

The same way we cringe when we watch someone being beaten to death, is the same way heaven cringes when we abort, especially when it is a premeditated one, and not a life threatening situation.

This is not an easy choice, I quite agree, but this is what I recommend for anyone out there with a similar case.

Now, one of the reasons people go for abortion is the support system available for unwanted pregnancy. We are a cold society, who delights in pointing fingers and ostracizing women in such situations. Next week, we will discuss the Support at length.

Good morning and have a great week.

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


One thought on “Case Study 5 – Keep or Abort (Discussion)

  1. On point, Sir. Most pregnancies are aborted not because of sheer hatred of would-be mothers for pregnancy, but because of the fear of the fear of being stigmatised or harassed by parents, siblings etc. In extreme cases, some are ostracized. Our support system in Africa fail at this hour that the support is most needed. We need to change our mindset from treating ladies who have such challenge as worst sinners in the world. While not excusing their misdeeds, we should refrain from slamming with sledge hammer those who are already down. If God will mark sin, who will stand? So, to prevent worst things from happening and save innocent lives, let’s be shoulders that such people can stand on in hours of need.

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