Case Study 1: Broken Love

David and Michelle can be described as lovebirds, they are always in each other’s company. David runs a private consulting firm and business has been so good in the last two years. Michelle on her part got a job in one of the new generation banks, after four years in an insurance company.

The change in fortune for the enviable couple meant change of accommodation. They took a mortgage loan and bought a house in a semi-upper class area in Lekki. It is a five room duplex and so there is extra room for one or two guests, a complete departure from their rented two bedroom apartment at Gbagada.

The problem with this new level is that Michelle spends less time at home returning home late at night and sometimes going on official engagement on weekends. This has left them with no choice than to get a helping hand. 

Ebele is a 19 year old girl who lost her dad while writing her WAEC. Her Uncles took over her father’s properties immediately her dad died from road accident. Her mother was thrown out and their once rosy life took a downturn. Ebele decided to get a job anyhow to save towards her University education and support her mum and two siblings.

Ebele got the job with the Abioyes and was grateful to God. She fell in love with the Abioyes two lovely children (David Junior and Sophia, 5yrs and 3yrs). David and Michelle also took an instant liking for Ebele, who speaks very good English and takes their children like her siblings.

After six months with the Abioyes, David returned back early one mid-afternoon to pick up a document he left at home. He parked outside and rushed in to the sitting room. The sight he met changed his life forever. It was Ebele asleep on the couch in bra and pant. Apparently she fell asleep after finishing housechore and wanted to enjoy the Air Conditioner in the sitting room before going to take her bath.

She was startled awake by the bang of the door as Uncle David ran in. As she stood to dash in the room, her bra fell off because she didn’t hold the strap at the back. She ran and left the bra on the floor of the living room. David struggled to run up the stairs to pick the documents and drove back to work. 

From then on, David’s mind kept replaying the entire scene. He couldn’t tell his wife. Ebele too started avoiding direct eye contact with him, but always caught Uncle David staring somehow at her.

A week after David returned back home around 11am and asked Ebele to prepare early lunch for him and bring it to the bedroom. Ebele woke up at 1pm in the arms of Uncle David after they have had sex. Thus began their steamy affair and was on for months until Ebele missed her period. 

Unfortunately David’s mother came visiting and was the first to observe the change in Ebele’s body. She drew the attention of Michelle to this and after deep interrogation, Ebele was taking for pregnancy test, and it turned out positive. Ebele confessed when Grandma threatened to beat the living day out of her and all hell broke loose. (End of story)


1. Where did the Abioyes get it wrong?

2. Should David have told his wife when he stumbled into Ebele scantily cladded?

3. What should they do?

4. What are the learning points of the story?

Have a great week!

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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