Glad to be Back

Season’s Greetings to all my friends and followers. Thank you all for allowing me take a long and much needed vacation from weekly broadcasts. I am grateful to you all for always allowing me to invade your private spaces with my broadcast. You give me reasons to keep this running.

It is so good to be back and in a new way. I don’t want to wait till January before resuming. Time, they say, waits for no one and time is precious. 

My approach will be different, but I hope to achieve better results, greater participations, increased knowledge sharing and more wisdom.

This new approach will be more of sharing stories (adapted), case studies and quotes, with the intention of  discussing, distilling and sharing morals from such stories, cases and quotes. I will share the stories every Monday and we will discuss it all week while finalising every Saturday, with a short piece on Sundays.

Join me in this interesting journey by following and contributing to the discussions. You can also share your stories with me, and your anonymity is assured.

Thank you and God bless .

Have a great week!

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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