Stop the Blame Game And Play Your Part (1)

It was John F. Kennedy who said “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” One of the easiest things to do is to criticize or blame others. 

It is so easy to push the blame and fold your hands, yet it is nothing but irresponsibility to criticize or blame without proferring better solutions. 
No house springs up overnight without any effort, only weeds grow of their own accord. Every other plant that grows has some deliberate and conscious effort behind it. You don’t build a house by wishing, you must get to work, dig the foundation, lay the bricks and nail the planks together. We must build our nation together. 
We have long been stuck in the blame game in our nation, pointing fingers at the government and blaming them for everything that has gone wrong. But that approach has not helped us in anyway, if anything,  we appear to be worse off compared to where we were years ago. 
If we desire a genuine and true change in our nation, then we must get to work and begin to play our part. What are our roles? 

1. Value your values and teach those values

There is no doubt that at the core of our problem, as a people and nation, is the collapse of our value system. We have practically thrown our values to the dogs. 

So we will take a look at some of the values that great nations are built on. 
Integrity: Young people who are hardly of age buy expensive phones, cars and mansions, some even donate to churches and mosques, yet nobody questions their source of wealth. Adults with questionable character and source of wealth build religious centers, community halls for us and we keep mute, and refuse to challenge them. Rather we applaud them and even confer honorary titles on them. When our sons and daughters start disappearing, we begin to wonder what is happening. 
Honesty : We lie and teach our children to do same. We look for shortcut, can’t wait on a queue, will always look for a way to jump the normal process, and we encourage our children and wards to do same. In fact, there are cases of parents taking their children to ‘special centers’, where invigilators can help them to write their exams, instead of goading them to prepare for the exams. How will they pass the exam of life if they can’t pass school exams on their own? 
Hardwork: We spoil and overpamper our children, some don’t even know how to boil water, let alone make tea. We leave all the works for househelps. So when these kids grow up, they always look for someone to do the job. They end up becoming bad leaders and slave masters. 
Patience: We are so much in a hurry to the extent that our impatience is harming us. The quest to make money has taken over our sense of caution, care and concern for the safety of others. We sell adulterated drugs and foods and damage people’s lives. We mix our fuel with other substances just in a bid to make more money. We import expired tyres and multiply incidents of road accidents, all because we must make it now. 
Perseverance: How we give up so easily? At the slightest challenge to our dreams, we quit and blame everyone but ourselves. Our children cannot endure any form of hardship or challenge because we have not inculcated the value of perseverance in them. No one is asking you to punish your children, but let them be trained in such a way that they can face and not dodge challenges. This is why they always look for the easy way out. Teach the to fight and not to take flight. 
We will continue from here in the next post. Have a great day! 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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