Will You Look Away or Confront It? 

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and Muhammad Ali. What memory does these names evoke? Hold it right there, we will get back to that. 

When you see hurt, injustice, cruelty, deceit and other ills around you, what is your natural response? Do you look away or do you confront it? What motivates you? The fear of death or the desire to solve just that one problem even in the face of death? 

Most men look away, because that is the easiest option. That is the path of least resistance, look away and act like it never happened. 

But you know what, what you looked away from today, will come looking for you or your children someday soon. 

Ordinary men look away but Kings confront. That is what separates those names above from mere men. Mortal men they were, but they rose beyond mortality by not looking away!

So? Will you look away or confront it? What memory will your name evoke? 

Adewumi Oni





Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/adewumi.oni

Twitter: onadol2010

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