It Won’t Happen by Wishing

It is often said that ‘Life is not fair.’ We often console ourselves with this cliché, throwing up our hands in resignation and wishing that mother luck will somehow intervene and turn things around.

Truly we all need some elements of luck or good fortune to reach our goals, however such luck rarely comes when one adopts a passive position. Nature abhors passivity and this is evident all around us. When a tree refuses to bud, it is cut down. When a sea stop flowing, the creatures in it start dying and it starts stinking. 

Nature thrives when there is life, in the same vein, our lives are meant to be full of life. We should never allow challenges and vicissitudes of life push us to the point of becoming mere wishful thinkers. Don’t just dream, pursue your dream vigorously. Your dreams won’t happen by chance, you have got to make them happen with planning, preparation, prayer , persistence and proper positioning.

As you begin a new week, encourage yourself and pursue your goals with renewed vigor. When nobody encourages you, draw encouragement from the promises held in your dream. Go for it again. Don’t just wish it, work for it.

Happy Democracy Day!
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


3 thoughts on “It Won’t Happen by Wishing

  1. This advice is spot on. Nothing moves, except we move. Faith without corresponding or complementing action is mere wishful thoughts. Can we imagine God just ‘wishing only’ in Genesis 1. Nothing would have happened till date. But He acted on His thoughts by speaking out the world- as we see it today- into existence. Likewise, you and I can create our own world by acting. Thus, life is fair to those who will not see giants/impossibility and give up or be complacent. Like Isaac in Gen. 26, if you dig somewhere and it’s blocked, dig elsewhere. Keep digging until you touch the other side of life: that side is called FAIRNESS. With God on your side, you will get there IJN. Kudos to Mr. Wumi Oni for the fresh steering.

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