The Esau’s Mentality (3)

People with the Esau’s Mentality have tendencies to judge people or things by their looks. They are easily swayed by material things and often fall victim to dupes, fraudsters, and cheats. 

Esau returned from a hard day’s hunting without any catch. He was very hungry and met Jacob cooking. He asked for some of the food, but Jacob placed a price on the food, the birthright of Esau. At that very moment, the birthright of Esau was equivalent to a plate of meal. He easily equated his birthright to one meal. 

How many times do we shortchange ourselves for some gratifications? Sometimes it is sex, money, material possessions, positions, etc. Ladies sleep with strangers for money, trading their destiny for money, forgetting that destiny can buy money, but money can’t buy destiny.

For momentary lack, guys engage in money rituals, armed robbery, drug peddling and other vices. Esau’s Mentality robs people of their destiny and makes people settle for ‘morsels’ when they could be the ones dishing out the food. 

It is one of the reasons people sell their votes for a loaf of bread, or for a tin of rice, or sometimes for money. 

It is the reason youths allowed themselves to be used as tools of destruction by politicians. If you value your birthright, you would ask that politician to send his own children on such errands. 

It is time we changed this mentality before it changes us irreparably. Make up your mind today not to be a victim again. 

Thank you and have a great week ahead.

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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