It is a Journey not a Setback

We often find ourselves in situations that look like setbacks, like we don’t belong where we are and like we should have gone further than this. Today I was reflecting on certain things I have experienced and I heard these words in  my spirit man clearly,  “It is a Journey and not a setback.” In my career, I have worked in certain places before and there were times I felt working in those places were career mistakes. Looking back today, it is clear to me that God got me exactly where He wanted me to be when I thought I should not be there. 
I am also passing the same message to you today. It is a Journey and not a Setback, and God has got you exactly where He wants you to be. If you are not where you are today, you can’t get to that place you desire tomorrow. With God and His children, there is no mistake. Every mistake, every misstep and error we think we have made are instruments in His hands for the journey to your destination. Stop thinking you have missed it, your journey doesn’t end where you are, unless you end it yourself.
If the Biblical Samson had requested for strength to pull down the building upon his enemies and still live, God would have granted his request, but he chose to die with his enemies. Don’t die in pity, don’t die in that position, you have not exhausted God’s Grace or Mercy, He has got you exactly where He wants you. 
Joseph chose to be positive in spite of all his setbacks, and those setbacks proved to be rungs on the ladder to fulfilling destiny. I therefore say to you today, “You are heading towards destiny, stay strong because it is a setup for a comeback and not a setback.” 
Have a great night and stay blessed. 
​Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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