Your True Friends Will Sharpen You

Happy New Year to you all. It is my prayer and hope that this year will be far better than all the years we have lived in every aspect of our lives. We will become better persons, achieve greater goals and impact more lives.

One of the things we must do this year to make the prayers above become reality is to combine actions with our prayers. Miracles are supernatural intervention of God in the natural affairs of men, and mostly happen when all natural options have failed. So don’t expect a miracle to become a better person without playing your own part. 
One area we have been holding a fallacy as the truth is in the saying that ‘your true friends will accept you as you are.’ We believe that anyone that criticize us is an enemy, and that those who truly love us should accept us just as we are, with all our faults and weaknesses. 
I am not sure anyone loves us more than God, yet He demands higher standard and expectations from us as w grow in Him. He expects us to become more and more mature everyday. The things we do and He overlooks when we first know Him, if we keep doing them as our relationship grows, He begins to scold us and point them out for correction. At some time, He might even just ignore us if we refuse to change. 
How then do you expect your best friend, whether it is your spouse, friend or parent to just ignore your weaknesses and not point them out for you to correct? Though correction must be done in love, if you keep doing the same thing, and your best friend leave you for not changing, it doesn’t make your best friend an enemy, it only means you are not willing to become a better person.
Iron sharpens iron, and if you are not ready to be sharpened by positive criticism from your friends this year, then you have no right to expect your life to be better this year. More than ever before, we are approaching the age in which only the proven and prepared can survive. You therefore need to be ready to take criticisms from your true friends and change. 
You also need to reduce the praise singers around you, they keep you from growing. 
Have a great day and remain blessed. 

​Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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