Guides to Choosing Your Team (5)

Still on Cultural factor, checking organizational culture fit is not just enough, the candidate must fit into the culture of the environment where the venture is located. Sometimes induction and reorientation help in this regards, but this depends on the candidate’s willingness to accept other culture. This is why some people find it difficult connecting with customers in their new environment. They may be averse to the culture and unwilling to learn or adapt. These are extreme and radical people. You therefore need to ensure that the candidate profile fits into both organizational and environmental cultures.


Language factor: Closely related to Cultural factor is language factor. Does the candidate speak both the business language and the locality’s language? How well can he converse both internally and externally? Can he easily learn the language? In case of expansion beyond the national frontiers, does he speak other languages that can be an added advantage? These are some of the relevant questions to answer before selecting a candidate.


Finally, there is the sixth sense factor, but it is only used by those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern the right or wrong candidate. This is called gut feeling or instinct. As a leader, you need to develop your sixth sense, so that even after considering all the other factors, you can apply your sixth sense for final judgment.


I wish you all the best as you make up your team.


Stay blessed.


Good afternoon!


Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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