Guides to Choosing Your Team (4)

Today we will look at two more factors.

Personality Factor: The person behind the person is more important than the person. That sounds confusing isn’t it? It sounds like a repetition but it is beyond that. Knowing the name, skills and experience of a person is quite different from knowing the temperament of the person. He can have a nice look and solid Resume but with a temperament ill-fitted for the role in mind. The real person behind every name is revealed by the temperament.


If your venture is a customer facing type, you won’t want to recruit a shy and introverted person as your Front Desk staff. Front Desks are for people with outgoing dispositions, and the introverts are more suited for back office roles. It is therefore important to know the temperament of your candidates before you sign them on. How do they handle stressful situations? How do they handle pressure? Your screening test must be designed such that the personality of the candidate is revealed.


Cultural factor: There are two aspects to the Cultural factor, these are Organizational Culture and Environmental Culture. It is important that whoever you are considering as part of your team fits into both your organizational culture and environmental culture. Cultural misfit can cause serious trouble for any venture. The candidate must fit into your organizational culture and also be able to adjust to the culture of the environment in which your venture operates. Some people excel in an environment devoid of too many rules, while some are process and rule oriented. You must ask questions that will reveal the cultural orientation of your candidates.


We will pause here today and continue tomorrow.


God bless us all.


Good morning!


Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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