Do You Want to be Relevant? (1)

​​Have you wondered why some names are always mentioned when certain topics or challenges are being discussed? Or bringing it closer home, why do some colleagues attract more attention than others? Or in your neighborhood, why do some neighbours get invited to Community Committees more than others? In a nut shell, why are some people more relevant than others? 
What do we mean by Relevance? Relevance in this context means relation or connection or practical applicability to the matter at hand. It means being useful to the matter at hand. 
How can you become relevant or more relevant? 

1. Sharpen your skills: Be good at what you do. Don’t stay on the periphery of your field, dig deeper than others. Stay on the cutting edge by keeping yourself abreast of latest developments in your field. What you know must also be applicable to the situation at hand. Don’t just know, know what is needed.Nobody jokes with people who know their onions. 

2. Work on your Interpersonal Relations Skills: You need people to recommend you even if you are a guru in your field. You have to cultivate a deliberate and purposeful relationship management skill. Maintain contacts with your acquaintances. Exchange ideas with them. Reach out to them on personal basis. Connect with them. Don’t be a snub. Be friendly. It is true that your works will speak for you, but people will enunciate the sound of your works. 

3. Have the right attitude: It is often said that your attitude determines your altitude. A good attitude is like a magnet, it will always attract people into your life. No matter how good you are at your job, if you have a bad attitude, you will be treated like an outcast. Be positive minded. Be courteous. Be an inspiration to others. Don’t lord yourself on people. Don’t be a bully. Be willing to teach others. Attitude is the separator of the best from the best. 

We will continue on this series tomorrow. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 

Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010

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