It Pays You To Let Go

​Letting go of offenses, hurts and old wounds is actually to your own benefit. When you hold someone in your heart, there are a couple of things that happen:

1. Your heart is like the engine for your body. It is like the city center of your body that receives blood through the veins and releases blood through the arteries. Anything held in the heart apart from blood will clog your heart and may lead to heart disease. Unforgiveness leads to ill health eventually. 
2. Your heart is also the residence of the Spirit of God. When you have created a maximum security prison in your heart where you imprison people who have hurt you, what happens is that the Spirit of God is inconvenienced and will take His leave until your heart is empty. When the Spirit of God leaves you, you are cut off from heavenly wisdom which is the key to success and peace. You run with your own wisdom when you refuse to forgive and let go, and there is a limit to human wisdom. You can’t receive anything from God until you forgive those who have hurt you. 
3. When you squeeze your face and put pressure on your heart each time you remember the person who has hurt you, and you renew your vow not to forgive or forget, you are unknowingly suffering yourself, because the other party may be ignorant of your pains or may just not give it any serious thought. You are actually the one in prison, not the person who has offended you. Letting go is therefore, first for your own benefit. 
Many homes, businesses and even nations are in a sordid state because of unforgiveness. Somehow, the deep hurt of the Civil War that almost broke Nigeria apart is yet to be forgiven by both sides, and we are all still suffering from the consequences of this unforgiveness. Several ministries are not experiencing growth as they should because the setman is still holding grudges against some people. Several families are missing out on God’s best because they are yet to forgive those who have offended them. 
May God open our heart of understanding to let go and receive the fresh Grace awaiting us. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010


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