Mentalities that Destroy (4)

We have looked at three mentalities thus far namely :

The Average Mentality 

The Defeatist Mentality 

The Vendetta Mentality 
Today, we will be discussing the Victim Mentality. This is a mental block that makes one sees himself as a victim of life, circumstances, other people’s actions, and which consequently make the person give up control over his or her live. It is a mentality that assumes a situation of having no control over one’s life, thereby assuming there is no need to put up a fight. It usually makes the victim to throw pity party. Such people are fond of saying, ‘if only I was born by so and so’, or ‘if only my father didn’t die’, and so many ‘ifs’.
When someone is operating under this mentality, he avoids blame and doesn’t take responsibility for his situation. As a matter of fact, everybody else is responsible for his situation, except himself. And because he doesn’t take responsibility, he can’t make any meaningful progress in life. People generally avoid such people and they bypass them,  even when opportunities that could benefit them arise. 
To change this mentality, you must first know that you are the primary driver of your life. Two, people, situations and circumstances can only shape your life to the extent to which you permit. Three, you have to take responsibility for all that happens in and to you. The moment you start taking responsibility for your life, you have taken charge of the vehicle of your life. As long as you keep refusing to be responsible for your life, anyone and anything can drive you anywhere. 
The choice is really yours. You can choose to take charge and tame life, or continue to mope in self pity and remain a victim. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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