Mentalities that Destroy (3)

Another dangerous and life wrecking mentality is the vendetta mentality. It is a mental block borne out of deep seated, anger, resentment and urge to revenge. It blinds the mind and eyes of its victims from doing the right things. It is sometimes fuelled by the injustice in the world system. 
When you are operating with the vendetta mentality, you will make serial errors and ignore the path of sensible reasoning. Your focus will be shifted from goals that will benefit the greater people to fulfilling your vengeance mission. You will mismanage your resources and public resources. 
One of the reasons why most of our leaders in political positions don’t succeed is because they have a Vendetta Mentality. They are after their political enemies and opponents. They will deny the constituencies of their opponents of infrastructural amenities because of their quest to hit out on their opponents. The cycle is repeated when the opposition gains power and the public suffers for the Vendetta Cycle. 
When you set out on a vendetta mission, whether in your personal life, business or politics, you will not only fail but also affect other lives negatively. This mentality will warp your sense of reasoning and make you do things that you would not have done naturally. 
If you have been operating with this mentality, it is time to let go. Vengeance belongs to God, the true and righteous Judge. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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