Surviving the Times (3)

Yesterday I read that Youth Corp members in Oyo State, Nigeria are being owed nine months allowance. While I believe this is an exaggerated report, it is a further proof that times are truly hard for our government at all levels. This should also serve as a warning to Youth Corp members not to see getting white collar job as their main goal. Times have changed. This leads me to another point in this series.

Learn a trade or vocation: I have found out that people who are multi skilled find it easier to survive during times like these. They deploy all their skills at making money. If salary isn’t forthcoming, they use their skills over the weekends to augment their salary income. If all you know is just that one profession or vocation, you are at high risk of becoming unemployed or underemployed. Learn something else. Learn hair styling, tailoring, fashion designing, fashion illustration, shoe making, soap making, bead making, bag making, weaving, carving, painting, etc. Findings show that people still cut their hair, even if frequency is reduced. People still wash and need soap. You can be the soap supplier in your neighborhood. The point is, don’t be mono-skilled, not in this Era. Whatever service you are providing, put a touch of class and taste, this will separate you from the hordes.

Identify Needs in your environment: Entrepreneurs are people who identify needs in the market and provide goods or services to meet those needs at  competitive prices. There are needs all around us. As a matter of fact, the more the challenges, the greater the needs and the more the opportunities. Rather than complain about the challenges, look out for the needs therein and see how you can meet some of them profitably. Become a skilled identifier of opportunities. Successful entrepreneurs are skilful at identifying and creating opportunities. Be one.

You can and you should survive these trying times. The choice is yours to either emerge stronger or weaker.

God bless us all.

Good morning!


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