Surviving the Times (2)

One easy way to be frustrated is to keep expecting the government of the day to solve your problems. This government is as befuddled as the citizens. The odds against this government are overwhelming though not insurmountable, if timely and right approach are adopted. The bitter truth is that there are no shortcuts or easy way out of the economic recession we have found ourselves, so it is just wise to be prepared psychologically, emotionally, and physical for the times ahead. Diversifying any economy takes years of hard work and focus. Our past leaders failed to save for the rainy days, so it is like starting all over.

Continuing from where we stopped yesterday, for you to survive the times we are in, you may further do the following :

1. Start a farm: A major part of our income is spent on food items, groceries, vegetables and fruits. With inflation rate up to 16.5%, prices of food items have doubled and in some cases, tripled. If you are lucky to have a place of your own, or if your landlord permits.  you, you should start a farm. It could be just for vegetables, or just for animal rearing. Whether we like it or not, the days of oil are over, we, especially Nigerians must go back to farm. If you can afford a big farm, this is the time to go into agricultural production. Grow your food.

2. Pool Drive: If you drive your car everyday to work or business place, you would likely be feeling the pinch more because of the cost of fuelling. It is advisable to team up with other car owners in your neighborhood and who you share same route with. You can use someone’s car as the pool car on a particularly day. All the users will just contribute a token for the fuelling. Do the same with another person the next day. If you contribute 500 naira each per day in a car of 4 people, you will fuel the car with 2000 and should cover your trip to and fro, assuming no other use for the vehicle during the day. This way, in a week you will be spending between 2500 & 3500 instead of the 10k you will need for fuelling if you were to go with your vehicle everyday of the week. This will even lead to less traffic on the road.

See you tomorrow.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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