Relationships that Matter (5)

As we conclude on this series today, it is important to re-emphasize that you can only travel as far as your relationships permit. If you have the right people in your life and at the right time, you will likely get to your destination easily. If otherwise, your chances of reaching your goal are very slim. It will be unwise to despise relationships that matter, such will only be setting himself up for failure.

The last relationship we will be looking at is relationship with your employer as an employee. Your career is like a building and every job experience represents the brick in the building. If you do not keep a healthy relationship with your supervisor or manager or the business owner, your ability to move up in your career will be hindered. I am not promoting eye service. I am asking you to be dedicated  committed, passionate, efficient and innovative on your job functions.

Reward Systems in most well managed organizations are designed to reward those who bring the most results. Your passion, skills, commitment and creativity must therefore be geared towards increasing your output per time or your efficiency. If you make yourself very relevant, you are likely to become indispensable to your employer. If you do your job well, you won’t have to lobby for promotion or more perks.

Beyond your job function, try to have a personal relationship with your supervisor or manager. It will separate you from the pack and will position you better than your contemporaries. Never exit any job without following the right exit procedure. Don’t resign abruptly and leave the company stranded. Don’t trade with your employer’s trade secret, it is unethical and will backfire. Respect your colleagues and be helpful where possible.

In summary, on your job you must aim to have a 360 degree positive influence. Have a positive influence on your superiors, contemporaries and subordinates. You will reach the peak of your career if you maintain a 360 degree approach to work.

You will observe that I have not mentioned relationship with your friends or neighbors in this series, the reason is that your friends and neighbors will either be destiny helpers or professional colleagues . We will commence another series on Relating With Your Enemies next week.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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