Separate Your Seed from Your Bread

Life is in seasons. In the natural, we have two main seasons, the raining season and the dry season. Usually farmers plant their seeds at the beginning of the raining season so that the rains can water it and make it bud. Harvest is done towards the end of the raining season and into the beginning of the dry season. So what is harvested during the dry season becomes both the food for the dry and raining season, as well as seed to sow at the start of the next raining season.

This cycle is most instructive for us in our individual lives, businesses or national live.  Our harvest represents our incomes, profits and economic booms. Not all of these are to be spent on consumption (eaten as bread), God places the seed portion in every harvest we make. It is that seed portion that guarantees continuity of harvest. If you eat your seed with your bread, you will experience famine in the next season. Please note this, your seed should be your first priority from every harvest. Set it aside before you consume the rest. It is important that we understand this principle in order to avoid unnecessary hardship in life. Seed time and harvest will never end as long as the earth remains. So woe unto that man who has no seed during planting time.

Life obeys spiritual principles whether you like it or not, or whether you believe it or not. What you give to life will come back to you in multiple fold. Plant a grain of wheat and you will harvest sheaves of wheat. Plant a grain of corn, and you will harvest cobs of corn. It is a universal law and endures all times and ages. So the earlier you adhere to this principle the better.

Your seed is the source of your tithe, offering to God and to the less privileged, your savings or investment and your business capital. These are the various uses to which you can put your seed. If you constantly practice the art of seeding, you are guaranteed a lifetime of harvest. The size of your harvest is determined by the size of your seed. If you want a bigger harvest, sow a bigger seed. If you plant on a plot of land, you cannot expect the same harvest with someone who planted on an acre of land, all other things being equal. So seed and harvest are directly proportional.

It is equally important that you tend your garden after sowing your seed lest weeds overtake the garden. Pay attention to your business. Pay attention to your career. Pay attention to your source of income. Don’t be careless with your seed.

Be seed conscious if you want to be harvestful. Stop eating all your income no matter how big or small it is. There is a seed in every income. One of our problems as a nation today is that we already consumed the seed that would have yielded the harvest we need today. May God give us leaders who understand the principle of seeding and who are seed conscious. Amen.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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