When Nothing Seems to be Happening

There are times in our lives when it seems like our labour is fruitless and our efforts are futile. We study more and more, but the dream job doesn’t come our way. We invest more into our business and the growth expected doesn’t happen. We pray and fast for a breakthrough and the situation remains the same. We work hard and labor day and night but we don’t get expected rewards. Sounds like your experience, isn’t it? The truth is that we all go through this and it is quite frustrating and we sometimes feel like quitting.

However, the fact that nothing SEEMS to be happening doesn’t mean nothing is happening. In fact a lot is happening behind the scene of your life. An alcoholic wine kept in the stellar appears the same year in year out, but the quality of the wine gets better year in year out, even though it is not visible to the eyes. It’s value increases year after year, so does your value increases. Likewise, when you plant the Chinese Bamboo, no matter how well you water it or add fertilizer, there won’t be any growth for four years. No growth! Can you imagine going to check it everyday for four years and there is no visible growth! But in the fifth year, this plant will grow up to 80 feet within six weeks! 80 feet from 0 feet! Can you beat that? During those four years, the Chinese Bamboo invisibly develops a strong root system to support its incredible height.

When nothing seems to be happening in your life and you are making genuine efforts, something is indeed happening. Your character is being formed. You are being prepared to handle the success you are waiting for. Your foundation is being laid. The foundation for a skyscraper can’t be the same with a duplex. Don’t die of envy when others seem to be moving with less effort. You are gathering experience that will save lives and nations. If you drive a vehicle to a filling station and another drives a motorcycle in, the cyclist will likely leave the station earlier than you, but can he travel farther than you?

Never disdain this period in your life. It is the best period of your life. It is sometimes called the wilderness experience. Moses had his. You must have yours. The longer your wilderness experience, the greater the sphere of your influence. So when nothing seems to be happening in your life and you are making genuine efforts, don’t despair, a block buster movie is being made! Ask movie makers, the more time and resources put into a movie, the greater its success! Don’t despair! Don’t rush to be a shooting star that rises fast and falls into oblivion. Your story is going to amaze the world! Stay strong!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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