Gauge Your Tyres Correctly

If you are a vehicle owner and you are a sensitive driver, you will notice a wobbling movement in your vehicle anytime any of your tyres is not properly gauged. As a matter of fact, each vehicle type comes with gauge specifications, usually written by the driver’s door or on the seat belt. Check yours to be sure you have the right gauge on your tyres. More often than not, we just assume 40psi is the right gauge for all vehicles. This is incorrect, some are much lower than that. Just check yours and use the right gauge.

So, what is it about gauging tyre correctly today? It concerns you even if you don’t have a vehicle, at least you always board one. More importantly, we all have a particular ‘vehicle’ we drive individually. This vehicle is called ‘Vehicle of Destiny’. It is the most important vehicle in life. Just like a physical vehicle, it has its own tyres and its own gauge too. Your journey towards success can only be completed in time when your vehicle of destiny is in top shape. The healthier your vehicle of destiny, the easier your journey to the top.

What are the tyres of your vehicle of destiny?

One, your health. Don’t play with your health. No matter how endowed you are, a sick body will drag you back in life. Pay attention to your health. Eat well and eat right. Exercise your body. Avoid dangerous lifestyles like smoking and alcoholic consumption. Pray if you can, but watch your vital signs too. There is a place of prayer and there is a place of doctors. Don’t mix up their roles.

Two, your relationships. No man is self made. A made-man is a product of the direct and indirect efforts of some other people. So don’t mess with your relationships. Build and maintain bridges, don’t burn them. The relationship you build in your workplace, place of worship, social circles and so on will help or affect your vehicle of destiny. Strive to maintain healthy relationships. You need to get closer to some people while you need to cut off ties from some. Not everybody in your life is good for your vehicle of destiny. On another day,  we will address the type of people in your life.

Three, your gifts and talents. There is no enabler as powerful or as potent as one’s gift or talent. It opens doors. ‘A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.’ Proverbs 18:16. You must give attention to your gift(s). Hone your gift and deploy it correctly. Note however, that gifts open doors, but attitude, integrity and other things will keep that door opened. There is a difference between an open door and opened door. It takes more than gifts for a door to remain opened. That extra that is required is part of the engine of the vehicle of your destiny. That is a topic for another day.

Fourth tyre is your knowledge. What you know is what determines who you know and who knows you. The more valuable your knowledge is, the more people of value you will attract into your life. Knowledge is key. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is dynamic and requires constant updates. Don’t rely on yesterday’s knowledge to solve today’s challenges, it may be outdated.

Proper gauging of these four tyres of the vehicle of your destiny is extremely important. Just as you place your life at risk when your vehicle tyres are not properly gauged, so you place your destiny at risk when you don’t give proper attention to these components. Gauge your tyres correctly!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!



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