What Do They Really Need Money For?

Perhaps the best human summary of the needs of man can be found in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He summarized our needs into five starting from Physiological (need for food, water, sleep, sex, homeostasis, etc), then Safety (of body, health, family, resources, employment, morality, property), then Love/Belonging (friendship, family, sexual relationship), then Esteem (self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect for others, respect by others), and finally Self Actualization (morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts). This I believe is a detailed breakdown of the scriptural advice in 1 Tim. 6:6-8 which says “But godliness with contentment is great gain, For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. Having food and raiments, let us therefore be content therewith.”

What else do you then need money for? If you are able to meet all these needs as detailed by Apostle Paul and Abraham Maslow. It amazes me how people go beyond the accepted boundary to make money, even after satisfying these basic and premium needs. Some kill, some convert public goods to private goods, some loots the treasury and some steal the nation blind. The kind of money being peddled in the news as ‘looted’ by some individuals, especially in this contraption called Nigeria, is mind boggling. The other day, a former minister was going to pay off a mortgage worth £12.5 million in UK. Yoruba will say ‘E gba mi’, meaning ‘pls help me’. Please help me, why do they steal, when even the comforts that come with their positions are enough for a lifetime?

Truly, I am lost here and need help in form of some credible explanations. If I have three to five properties for both shelter and maybe sustenance, I feel I should be okay. Or maybe to help others I acquire a little more (and legally/morally so). I do not understand why people buy properties all over and even forget some, knowing none of these will go with them when they cease to breath. I heard the story of one of these stupendously and filthy rich men, who stopped on a journey to somewhere in Benin on sighting a property he obviously coveted. He asked his team to stop and then asked one of his PAs to find out the owner and to make an offer to the owner. And guess who the owner was, he himself! Obviously he bought it without even knowing and he was almost repurchasing it! Such madness! ‘E ma gba mi’. (Please help me).

In a nation, where more than 90% are groaning under huge weight of lack and abject poverty, we have a few individuals stealing billions of dollars. A broke nation that has some few individuals that can buy her over and over again. Isn’t it an irony that they even steal and stash their loots in foreign havens?

I still need an answer, what do they need the money for? To buy countries? To compete amongst themselves? To finance their generations unborn? I don’t know, maybe you do!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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