The Sanctity of Human Life

There is so much respect and honour placed on man by God. He even honors us above angels, such that we will judge angels eventually. 1 Cor. 6:3. He created men and placed all his other creatures under the control of men. Psalm 8:5-6. This glory and honor on man is borne out of the fact that, out of everything God created, it is only man that was created in His image. So we are God’s exact image.

Little wonder, God commanded in Exodus 20:13 ‘Thou shalt not kill’. This is one of the ten commandments. God hates the shedding of human blood. As much as God required blood sacrifice in the old testament, the only time he requested for human sacrifice was in the case of Isaac, and it was a test for Abraham. As soon as He was convinced of Abraham’s obedience, He provided a replacement in the form of a ram. God despised shedding of blood and wherever human blood is shed, the land in such place becomes cursed because the voice of the victim will be crying out to God for vengeance . Gen 4:11-12. The one and only human sacrifice made by God Himself is Jesus Christ and this sacrifice suffices for the atonement of the sins of any man.

All over the world today, there is a movement against capital punishment. Almost all the members of the United Nations have signed on to the treaty to end capital punishment. Amnesty International has been in the forefront of the campaign against capital punishment since 1977. It is abhorred even in the countries with the highest crime rate. Apart from Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and a few other countries, nowhere in the world is a convicted criminal killed again, at worst, such convict will be sentenced to life imprisonment. The reason for this is because every man has a right to change or repent. When you kill that man, you deny him the right to repent or live a new life.

It is therefore worrisome that we openly disrespect sanctity of life in Nigeria. We kill under every reasonable and unreasonable excuses. We stone people we label ‘witches’ to death. A young boy of less than 5 years old was abandoned somewhere in Southern part of Nigeria to die because he was perceived as a wizard. Thank God for an angel in the person of a white woman that saved the poor chap. We find it so easy to set ‘armed robbers’ ablaze in the most cruel manner. The ‘ALUU Four’ still rings in our memories. Our security agents are quick to kill the people they are meant to defend and then hide under accidental discharge. Not to mention the bloodshed through kidnapping and ritual sacrifices. Bloodshed through terrorism. Bloodshed through the traps set on our roads in form of man made ditches.

No wonder our nation is struggling. Nothing seems to be working. Because there are too many voices crying for vengeance over the nation Nigeria. Unless we repent and turn from this wicked way, we may be on the path of destruction like Sodom and Gomorrah. Don’t ever encourage jungle justice, you are as guilty as those who partake by watching them. Enough of blood spillage in our land. If Oil Spillage could hurt nature, how much more blood spillage.

God help us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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