What Do You Stand For?

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – Malcolm X.

Your life will only be meaningful to the extent that you stand for something. What separates ‘influencers’ from ‘influencees’ is in standing for something. Those who influence others (either positively or negatively) are those who stand for something and will do everything to defend what they stand for. Martin Luther King stood for the end of racial discrimination and he spent his whole life for the cause of the black till the point of death. He is today, a major reference for America’s racial struggle. Nelson Mandela stood for the Independence of his nation, spent 27 years behind the bar defending that cause. In life and death, he remains a role model for all freedom fighters.

If you want to truly live a meaningful life, you must stand for something good. A cause that will better the lot of humanity. God created you to defend a particular cause. Find that cause and stand for it from today. Don’t live an empty life. Daily pursuit of livelihood is not a cause, you are better than that. If you are rich, that blessing is to defend a particular cause. Find that cause that makes you tick. If all you do all through your life is to work just to be comfortable and afford the pleasures of life, then you haven’t fully lived. You start living when you are ready to die for a cause. The worst part is when you stand for nothing yet opposing those who stand for something good. It is a terrible position to take. Don’t be found in such a position!

As you enjoy Workers Day holiday today, it is an opportunity to reflect on your life and identify what you truly stand for. If you already have a cause you stand for, rededicate yourself to that cause. If you haven’t found a cause, begin your search today. As for me, I have pledged my life to raising true leaders with the end goal of a better nation and a richer world. This is my living and dying goal. Everything I do revolves around this cause. My choice of business is determined by my cause. When you stand for something, it defines your entire life. Maybe you are struggling with life and your life looks meaningless. It could be because you haven’t found a cause to stand for. I challenge you today to start living by standing for a cause.

What then do you stand for?

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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