A Time For Sober Reflection

Someone sent me this, and it is insightful. I need this writer on my friends list. If you know the author please oblige me. Enjoy his piece……

“A Time for Sober Reflection”

They say Saraki’s TRIAL is a witch hunt.
Dasuki’s TRIAL is a retaliation.
Dokpesi’s TRIAL is opposition.
But they do not say they are innocent.
They do not say the trial is not fair.
They say there are many other thieves,
So they say wait & catch others first!!!
░ A child will die in about a 1000 homes today bc it lacks access to primary health care. Someone is driving a car built from looted funds allocated to Primary Health Care;
░ A car will hit a pothole and cause grief to families bc someone is living in a mansion built frm looted funds meant for road projects;
░ A child will go hungry to bed, a father helpless a mother tired and in anguish because someone is wearing *a custom-made designer watch* bought with their salaries.
░ Someone spent 5 hours searching for fuel today, will go home to darkness because someone wanted a mansion in France, London and New York and used money meant to expand refining capacity, increase power, etc.
░ Many will die from treatable ailments because someone imported chalk as medicines. Because someone wanted to fly to the U.K. for cosmetic surgery, he approved the chalk to be sold in our chemists.
░ Many will drop out of school for ₦5000 because someone wanted their own children to attend Harvard and stole the funds for education of Nigerian children to make it happen.
░ Corruption is the reason for the rape of young hawkers who are forced on to the streets by hardship, to make a living for their cash strapped families.
░ Many families are dislocated & many are now refugees in their own country and in neighbouring nations because someone did not buy guns and ammunition for the army. Someone bought fake blades for helicopters, and someone wanted to buy mansions for his sons!!!;
░ How many lost their lives to failed banks?******
How many emigrated?
How many received a racial slur because someone took their future in their native nation?
░ Why are we kind to those who stole destinies but merciless to those who took only a minute?
▓ Think-> ***Corruption kills. Corruption impoverishes. Support the war on Corruption.*** Save the future. Pls share this, it’s high time we let people know the enemies of this nation.
# copied

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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