Your Life, Your Responsibility

The sign, ‘The Buck Stops Here’, which sat on President Harry Truman’s desk was made in 1945, and helped the US President to take final responsibility. The sign still remains in the Presidential Library till date. Faced with the challenge of passing the buck, President Truman had to come up with the sign, first to remind himself that he takes final responsibility and two, to set an example for those were fond of passing the buck.

This sign serves as a reminder to all of us that we are responsible for our lives. Never hold anyone responsible for your life. Your life is your responsibility. You will start making serious progress the moment you start taking responsibility for your life. When you stop blaming others for your current position, then you are ready to leave that position. No witch or wizard or condition or circumstance or boss can keep you down, if you take responsibility for your life. Where you are now is where you have chosen to be, if you want a change, make a move.

Taking responsibility means taking charge of your life. Accepting fault when you make mistakes, learning from your mistakes and moving on. It means evaluating yourself and telling yourself truths about where you are failing. It means looking at yourself in the mirror and say ‘My life is my responsibility.’

So it is time to take charge, the buck of your life stops at your table, not on any other table, so take charge.

God bless us all!

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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