Enemies of the Nation

In the last few months, Nigerians have gone through the most difficult times in our recent history. Not even in the days of National Strike during IBB or Abacha regime did we suffer as much as we have in the last three months or so!

Power generation dropped to an all time low of 0 MW (Zero MW). An aerial view of Nigeria shows a country in total darkness. What a mess! As if that wasn’t enough, fuel scarcity added to our woes. Our daily lives is now characterized with queues for fuel at twice or sometimes triple the pump price. Things are not any better for businesses as the unprecedented slide in the value of the Naira has spiked the cost of production, Nigeria being an import dependent nation. Downsizing, Right sizing, Wrong sizing and Salary cut and delay have become the order of the day. It is what Hon. Obahiagbon will call a ‘Lugubrious Quagmire’.

Now behind all these problems are the enemies of the nation. Who are these enemies? They are the oil marketers seeking for subsidy for doing practically nothing. All effort to end the subsidy is being frustrated. Even after subsidizing them, they import the fuel and divert it to neighboring countries. The enemies are the filling stations that will hoard the fuel and sell way about their ‘cost plus reasonable margin’. The enemies are the politicians who decided to cash out their forex in preparation to take their loots out of the country to avoid the probing eyes of the new Sheriff (PMB), hence putting huge pressure on the Naira. The enemies are those playing politics with our very existence by toying with the pipelines, thereby frustrating effort of the power generating units. The enemies are those that have over inflated prices of good and services using dollar and fuel as excuse. The enemies are within us, they are not far away.

There is surely a reward for every thing we do, whether good or bad. So the enemies should know that Karma will soon catch up with them and their children.

Are you one of the enemies of the nation?

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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