A Lost Generation?

Give them books to read, they won’t read. They would rather read pool results or football match results in the dailies. Invite them to seminars they won’t attend, they would rather stay at home to watch Telemundo or attend pool party. Post educative statuses longer than 100 words, they won’t read it. They will rather stare at Linda Ikeji blog from morning till night reading gossips. Give them free ticket to listen to Literary Giants, they will rather go and buy tickets to watch Whizkid.

These same people are the one chanting for change. Asking for change when they are unwilling to change. They are full of noise yet empty of constructive ideas. They know nothing about world history,  they are unaware of breakthroughs in  science, yet they know the latest mobile phone in town. A lost generation, always seeking quick fixes,  quick to find faults, yet void of solutions, morally bankrupt, intellectually deficient, short of sight and lacking vision! Such are our youths who are supposed to succeed us. Is this a lost generation?

Can they be saved? Can they be redeemed? Who will save them?

God help us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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