Time to Look Inward

We are at a critical moment as a nation. At no time in our nation’s history have things been as tough as now. Many Nigerians are already blaming the 10 months old government of President Buhari. Why? Because he promised ‘Change’, this single word seems to have become his albatross. Nigerians have forgotten that change is a process. We have forgotten that we are virtually rebuilding and there are resistance from those who prefer the old system. Try starting a business from scratch and see the experience.

Anyway, this is not my focus today. My focus is on the way Nigerians look up to government for everything. Jobs, contracts, power, fuel, housing, etc. Yes, government has a constitutional obligation to provide some of these things, but we have a more serious responsibility of looking inward. The days of waiting for budget to be approved are over. Stop waiting on government. The newspaper vendor is waiting for budget. The vulcanizer is waiting for budget. Everybody is waiting for budget!

As an individual, look inward and begin to use your innate gifts and talents. We all saw the work of Oresegun Olumide, the painter. Another guy who was shot by arm robbers and became stuck on wheelchair took to shoemaking.

What gifts do you have that can be applied to make money? Our major problem as a nation is that, for a long time we have always looked outside for everything, this was what turned us to a net-importer, a import dependent country. The moment we start looking inward to find alternatives for those things we import, our lives will become better. Our GDP will rise, our status as a developing nation will change. Stop complaining and look inward. Drop in megawatts is a pointer that we need alternative sources of energy. Government too should look inward!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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