Protecting Our Foreign Image

An Indian friend of mine sent me a newspaper clip this morning. It contains news about two Nigerians who duped an Indian Judge Secretary. My heart sank as I read the entire news and wonder how many of such is happening all over the world. I keep asking myself how Nigeria sank so low to have become a major exporter of fraudsters. When did we cross into this abyss?

Growing up, I remember Nigerian Green passport being treated with respect and how we were known to be brilliant, especially those who went to study abroad. We could stand shoulder to shoulder with any national of other countries at that time. What a wonderful time in our history. I remember a senior of mine in Secondary School who was exceptionally brilliant that Russian Government gave scholarship. It pushed us to study hard as we all wanted to be like him.

Alas, suddenly ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ came and we harbored it. We harbored it to the extent that we knew those practicing it and we refused to expose them. Then, knowing they won’t be exposed, they proceeded to ‘Yahoo Plus’, then to drug peddling, then to exporting ‘runs girls’, then to child labor, kidnapping, ritual killings, etc. The list is endless. We have become an exporter of all the vices in the book. We export evil vices in order to import the products of the West. We have lost our sense of pride and dignity. Anything goes, as long as it brings money. Maybe that is why we lack the moral standing to challenge our leaders. Maybe we are a nation governed by thieves, for the thieves and of the thieves.

Just yesterday I read a beautiful satirical write up by Pius Adesanmi titled ‘Sarakius and the fate of Sodom’, it brought fresh tears to my inner eyes. So we cannot even nail one thief? Saraki is proving difficult to be nailed. Whereas in other climes, he would have resigned out of shame. But perhaps knowing we are all thieves, he feels bold to defend his position. Like Sodom, can we find ten righteous people in this nation? We are all guilty of keeping quiet and allowing all these evils to become deep rooted. It is time to start challenging anyone whose source of wealth is questionable. Be it young or old, challenge them. In the church, challenge them. In the mosque, let them account for their sudden wealth. When we all become a custodian and police of the dignity of the nation, our foreign image will be redeemed.

Remember, according to Prof. Wole Soyinka, the man died who in the midst of cries of souls in torments, refuses to act. The soul of the nation Nigeria is in deep anguish, crying for help, will you help her?

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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