Just Before Your Sun Sets

Mr Judge, you delight in delivering wrong judgment because you have been ‘settled’, be reminded, in case your memory is short, your sun will soon set, just like others before you. Mr Police, you terrorize and extort from the same citizens you are meant to protect, your sun will soon set. Mr Civil Servants, you demand for inflation of quotation and receive kickback from contractors, be reminded, yours years are counting down. Mr Lecturer, you award marks and grades for sex and money, filling our Labour market with failures, your days are numbered. Mr Babalawo, you request for human heads, hearts, or any other part of the body to make money rituals or for power, your heart will soon be demanded. Mr Pastor, your congregation has become your cash cow, you live at their expense, hahaha, (I dey laugh), because your own sun has set already, you are a living corpse.

To all of you who have chosen corruption, denial of people’s rights, oppression, injustice, stealing, sexual abuse, kidnapping, ritual killing, blood sucking, and such other vices, your sun will soon set.

Just before it sets, maybe you want to amend your ways. Maybe you want to save your name and children from reaping the evil harvest of your deeds, just before your sun sets.

God bless us all.

Good morning Nigeria!

Good morning Africa!

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