What Are You Wearing?

From childbirth to death, we all wear garments. When a child is born, though naked, he is clothed with innocence. This is why we all seek to protect new-born babies. Naturally, we feel this strong urge to protect them because we feel they are innocent. It is the garment of innocence placed on them by God that causes that feeling.

However as the child begins to grow, he begins to lose this garment as he is shaped by environmental factors, parental influence, peer pressure, and so on. He gradually changes the garment and wears some other garments. Some of these garments are garments of deceit, wickedness, cruelty, dishonesty, immorality, perversion, etc. At some point in our lives, we have all worn some of these garments.

A time comes in the life of that individual when he is of age and can discern that there is a need to return back to the garment of innocence (now called garment of truth) . When such an individual still chooses to continue wearing those filthy garments, then he has to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

At death, even though naked, you can either be wearing the garment of truth which will speak for you even after you have passed on, or you can be clothed with the garment of nakedness, which will expose you to the world and lead you to eternal sorrow, after you have exited.

So my question to you this morning is ‘What are you wearing?’

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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