Your DREAM is YOUR dream!

Are you waiting for people to buy into your dream before pursuing it? Your waiting may be endless and you may end up watching someone else living your dream!
Dreams are specific to each individual and they are meant to fulfill God’s purpose on earth. He chose you to fulfillment that purpose, if you fail Him, He will find a replacement. When God gives you a dream, your first step is to write it down, pray for the timing and take a step towards it at the right time. The right people will join you when you get to their junctions. If you are the type that wants people’s approval before pursuing your dream, you can’t go far with God.

When Joseph shared his dreams to his brothers and parents, instead of being believed, they disdained,  hated and victimized him. The closest to believing was the father, who observed and noted the dream. Gen. 37:11. Stop wasting time hoping and waiting for your family or friends to buy your dream. The DREAM is YOURS and not THEIRS! Get on with it!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa.

Good morning Nigeria.


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