Our World in Dire Need of True Leaders

If there is anything we need more than ever today, it is true leadership. In our nations, in ministries, agencies, parastatals, Corporate bodies, religious groups and organizations, we have too many dealers posing as leaders.

They deal our common wealth for their personal gains, they deal the future of our children for the immediate gratification of their own children, they deal the health of unborn generations for immediate gains from fake drugs and adulterated food items.

I am not talking about the President or the Governor, I am talking about you in that small office in one local government, you in that small company in charge of procurement, you in that agencies in charge of standardizing goods and services. I am talking about everyone in one position of influence or the other. Be true to your conscience. Lead selflessly. Engrave your name in the sands of time by providing true leadership. We badly need it.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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