Posterity Will Judge All

As I write this I am extra conscious of the fact that my life will also be subjected to both private and public scrutiny in life and in death. Posterity will judge me as it will judge all men. No one is exempted from the judgement of posterity. None. We will all report at the throne of judgement of posterity besides the Great Judgement before our Maker after death.
I have therefore resolved to strive to do such things, say such things, act in such manners and provide leadership in whatever position I find myself in such a way that when I leave this side of the divide, people will not squirm at the mention of my name. Such that youths across the nation will not throw party at the announcement of my passage into the world beyond. Such that my name will evoke sweet memories, it will evoke prayers of peace in death, it will evoke eulogies and praises such as Dora Akunyili’s name.
“Veni Vidi Vici”. She came. She saw. She conquered. As the nation mourns the passing away, not death, because her place in the words of Sabella Abidde “among the living is assured”. She lives on. This is a big indictment on all leaders either in public or private enclave who have made a mess of service. On all those who are currently mishandling the nation’s resources and also encouraging wanton and reckless corruption, shame on you. Dora lives on. For every eulogy she gets, it is a curse for you unless you amend your ways.
In the same manner we are praising Dora today, we will curse you in death such that even death will reject your soul. You will find no peace in death. For all of you who have conspired to ruin this nation, posterity is waiting to judge you and I can assure you, your verdict is known. Your kins men and women would wish they were never connected to you in any way. Your name will cause people to spit and hiss in anger.
Dora’s passing away is another opportunity for you to check your ways and carry out a fresh self appraisal. You should ask yourself this question, ‘What will people say about me in death?’ Or for those who do not care about their names after death (because there are many such whose consciences have been seared and have become totally insensitive), the questions should be ‘How will my family fare after my death?’. ‘Will my name attract favour to them or cause them to be treated like a leper?’ Ponder on these questions and make amends where necessary.
Posterity awaits all of us, just as posterity has started judging Prof. Dora Akunyili.
Rest on ‘best among women’ Truly many daughters excel, but you have excelled them all. Your place among the living is assured.

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