Power of Self Discipline – Importance

A life that is run without checks and balances is akin to a vehicle without brake system, sooner or later, there will be collision. You cannot live successfully without self discipline.

“The Price of Discipline is always less than the pain of regret.” – Nido Qubein.

Self-discipline helps in every area of life. In lifestyle, eating habit, academics, spiritual development, financial management, marital success, leadership, and national development, to mention a few.

Some of the health challenges we face are results of a poorly disciplined life. You cannot spend all day sitting down watching TV or working and expect a perfectly functioning body. Free circulation of blood in your body will be impeded and this can bring about ailments like high blood pressure and heart related disease. You must train yourself to have regular exercise.

Unhealthy eating habit can damage your health and physique. Uncontrollable appetite could be a sign of lack of self discipline. You should not allow your body to dictate to you all the time. You have been given a mind to control the desires of the body. Choose what to eat and stop eating everything you choose! Set time limits for when to eat to avoid overworking you body metabolism.

Outstanding students are usually deliberate students. They deliberately commit themselves to hours of reading and studying. They constantly deny themselves of pleasures and focus on the prize of being the best. Pleasure and Prize hardly go together. You must choose one. If you want to have all the pleasure, you can not aim to win the prize at the same time. This does not mean you should not have relaxation time. The key thing is to have a disciplined schedule of studying and relaxing!

The more you are willing to defer gratification and pleasure, the more disciplined you become, and the easier it gets to achieve your goals. The reason for several aborted ‘New Year Resolutions’ is the lack of discipline to follow through. Self discipline helps you to follow through your goals and plans. Stick to plan!

God did not make mistake by setting order for day and night, the aim is to have orderliness. A disciplined life is an orderly life. Check your life!

Barka De Sallah to all our Muslim brethren. Have a beautiful Sallah celebration.

Adewumi Oni




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