Leading the Change for Next Generation

We had a great session on Saturday at the Unleash the Giants Seminar, and we were privileged to have a member of the House of Representatives speak to us. He spoke about “Leading the Change for Next Generation”.

Key points in his presentation are:

1. Be a leader within your own sphere of influence. Being a leader means having influence on those around you, and not just any influence but positive influence. This can be achieved by being very good at what you do.

To summarise his presentation, there are three things necessary for a leader and the next generation. Vision, Capacity and Character. With references to the Bible, he pointed out that without a clear vision of where you are going, you will end up nowhere. You must have a mental image of where you are going and plans on how to get there.

Also, he emphasised having capacity, being skilled at what you do. The world is in dire need of skilled people.

And to cap it character is key, especially in the age where we seem to have thrown morals to the wind. We need to have the fear of God, hate deceit, imbibe the spirit of fairness and justice.

We cannot continue to build systems and structures on wrong values and hope to move forward as a people or nation. To save this generation and future generation, we must come together as a people with a common vision, develop our various capacities and restore those values our forefathers were known for.

The more of the likes of Honorable Olajide Olatunbosun we have in the National Assembly and government generally, the better for the nation and the world. Thank you for taking time out to speak to us Sir.

We will look at nuggets from the other facilitators in the course of the week.

Have a great week.

Adewumi Oni





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One thought on “Leading the Change for Next Generation

  1. I was there. I thank my God I didn’t miss the programme. All the sessions were loaded with insights. It may be hard to get the meat of the sessions without being present at the meeting. Nonetheless, I trust Mr. Wumi Oni to do a good work at sharing the nuggets. I thank the organisers for a job well done. Regards.


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