Think of Tomorrow (1)

Your tomorrow is a product of today’s seed. If you are not happy about where you are today, you have probably taken some wrong decisions or actions in the past. If you want a better tomorrow, start planting the seed today. Every action you take today will produce a result tomorrow, either negative or positive.

It is therefore important that you weigh all your actions on the scale of tomorrow. Will that step improve your life in the future? Or does it have the capacity to damage your tomorrow? You must always think of tomorrow.

Young lady, before you sell yourself cheaply for money, have you thought of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, damage to your reproductive organs, ritualists clothed in sheep’s clothing? Think of tomorrow!

Young man, before you join that cult, have you thought of how cultists always end their lives? Have you thought of the trauma you will put your parents and loved ones in when you become a victim of cult clash? Do you want to cut your destiny short? Think of tomorrow!

Mr Area Boy, before you accept money to be a tool in the hands of wicked politicians to help disrupt election proceedings, have you asked yourself why the politicians are not using their own children? Do you know why? Because they want to preserve their tomorrow and sacrifice your own tomorrow. Think of tomorrow!

Honourable, before you divert public fund to your private purse, have you thought of the millions of lives that money will affect negatively if you divert it? Have you thought of the number of deaths occurring on daily basis in our public hospitals because you stole the money meant for equipments and drugs? Or the schools without teachers and equipped laboratories because you have starved them of funds? Or the half-baked graduates produced from such schools and the burden they add to the society? Think of tomorrow!

Mr Contractor, have you thought of the number of accidents you have caused because you did shoddy job on the road constructions? Have you thought about the destinies that are daily being wasted because of potholes? Can’t you see that you are killing people indirectly? Think of tomorrow!

Nigeria is where she is today because of the choices we have all made in the past, both leaders and followers alike. If we truly desire true and positive change , we need to start thinking of tomorrow in all of our actions. Leaving the country won’t solve the problem, you are only escaping your reality.

Think of tomorrow!

Have a great week.

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Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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