Vote Wisely

Permit me to talk a bit about politics today, especially in view of next year General Elections in Nigeria. In less than one year from now, we will be casting our votes to decide who represent us at the legislative chambers, our Governors and the President.

Too often in the past, we have voted based on ethnicity, religious sentiments, party affiliation and many other reasons. And all of these reasons do not seem to have helped us in making the right choices, as we get disappointed once the winner gets into office.

It will be foolhardy to vote again in 2019 based on ethnicity, color, religion or party affiliation. While there are no saints anywhere around us, we must still subject our choices to some minimum tests. Some of these are;

1. Sponsors: Who are the sponsors of the candidate? Most candidates will likely dance to the tune of their sponsors.

2. History: What history or precedent does the candidate come with? How experienced is the candidate?

3. Health: How agile, strong and healthy is the candidate? Ailing leaders often make wrong decisions, poor decisions or no decisions.

4. Party Affiliation: What party is the candidate affiliated to? What are the precedents of the party? A leopard cannot change its spots, the color of the Party will always reflect in the leader’s actions.

5. Understanding of Nigeria’s Complexity. Nigeria is a very complex country to manage and the candidates must demonstrate some abilities to manage complexities.

6. Multicultural Influence: how influential is the candidate across tribes , culture and religion?

7. Values: Does the candidate hold any value(s) dear to him or her? Do those values reflect the National values or values that can uplift a nation?

While the place of praying and asking for divine direction should also not be underplayed. We have long been on the journey to becoming a great nation, our choices have over time set us back. We cannot afford to toy with decisions like this any longer.

Get your PVC and vote wisely.

God bless Nigeria.

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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