Manna Mentality Will Take You Nowhere!

I am amazed at Nigerians unwavering dedication to religious activities, whether programs or holidays and new months.

Text messages, WhatsApp, and other social media are always awash with greetings of all kinds, both in words and pictures when a new month begins or there is one religious celebration or the other.

We have become a nation of greeters. ‘Happy New Month’, ‘Happy This’, ‘Happy That’. We are unrepentantly committed to outdoing one another in sending these greetings.

Just imagine if we direct this passion towards innovation and entrepreneurship. Imagine setting monthly goals and tenaciously achieving those goals with the same passion we direct towards sending greetings.

Or even the same passion we direct at attending vigils, revivals, crusades, and other religious meetings, imagine directing that energy at starting and running a business. Imagine that half the number of religious centers are business enterprises, imagine the impact on GDP, job and wealth creation.

Tell me which nation has become developed through prayers and greetings alone? Tell me where any people have become great just by praying and fasting?

I am not in any way downplaying the role of religion in the nation, religion should help shape our characters and national values. We should not become so religious that we expect manna to fall from heaven through prayers. The days of falling-manna are over, we are in the days of doing exploits.

If you truly know your God, you should be strong and doing exploits. You should be a co-creator with God, a partner with God in producing. What are you producing? What have you invented? China rose to become a world power through inventions and not prayers?

Change that Manna mentality, it will take you nowhere.

This is my Easter greetings. Just as Christ rose on the third day, rise from that Manna mentality and start producing.

Reflect on these things!

Watch out for the ‘Next Generation‘ Seminar.

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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