Stop the Blame Game And Play Your Part (3)

One of the major roles we all need to play in restoring our great nation is to value and pursue Excellence. We have become a nation of mediocres. We do things half-heartedly, we work just to get by and not to be the best. Very few people have personal vision, they just flow with the tide of life. Giving our best is now seen as trying to show off, our society even celebrates mediocrity. 

Gone are those days of essay and quiz competitions. Gone are those days of scholarship for best students across all levels of education. We are comfortable celebrating the music artistes and entertainers. Nothing wrong with this in itself, but when we neglect education and give more priority to entertainment, we are literally setting ourselves up. No wonder Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) lowered cut off marks to 120 and 100 for Universities and Polytechnics! 

It has become an imperative to take Excellence as the minimum standard in every facet of our society. You must teach your children to be at their best in whatever they do, and also have a reward system for their performance. 

In our work space, meritocracy should be placed above racial, tribal or religious sentiments. We cannot continue to build a nation on quota system, we will only keep producing mediocres. 

Our society should start frowning at shorttermism and condemn every form of indolence, brigandry and extortion. Our traditional rulers must start playing their roles as promoters of Excellence in their domain, and this must be both in their words, actions and intentions. Stop giving titles in exchange for money, give titles to men and women of exemplary character and accomplishments. 

Our religious bodies should stop playing to the gallery and stop the competition of putting up structures. They should concentrate more on building people. It is said that ‘the child you refuse to train will eventually sell the house you build.’ Building structures to house followers who have no internal and external structure is a waste of heaven’s resources. Little wonder the rate of crime and social malaise is on the rise as the number of religious centers are increasing. 

We need to start rebuilding again, and let Excellence be our watchword as we rebuild this great nation. God will not come down to solve our problems, He answers through people. Be one of His answers for the nation. 

Have a great week ahead. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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