‘Have To Do’ vs ‘Called To Do’

Everyone is created for a specific purpose. There is no accident in creation. All creatures are purposefully made. 

For mankind, life and parental pressure have a way of shaping our lives and sometimes imposing new purposes on us. We often call these new purposes, vocations, professions, careers, etc. 

Very few people are in vocations that align with their original purposes and this accounts for why we have a lot of unfulfilled people who might have even made a ‘success’ of their career. 

It is important to know that being successful doesn’t equate being fulfilled. Fulfilment usually comes with finding and fulfilling what you are called or made to do, which is your purpose. 

Finding and doing what you are made to do, thus become a primary task for everybody who wants fulfilment. This in no way invalidates your chosen career or vocation or profession. Rather your career, which is ‘what you have to do’ becomes the vehicle or an enabler for your purpose,  which is ‘what you are called to do’. 

You must therefore work with purpose in mind. When you begin to do this, life becomes more meaningful, you become more productive and you become better at prioritising and more efficient in the use of your resources. 

So, find ‘what you are called to do’ and use ‘what you have to do’ to fulfil what you are called to do. 

Have a fulfilling day. 
​Adewumi Oni





Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/adewumi.oni

Twitter: onadol2010

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