Thinking is a Discipline 

God’s mandate to man includes having dominion and subduing the earth. Meaning we are created to take charge of our world and shape our world for our benefits. 

Sadly, the reverse of this order seems to be the case, especially for the less developed world. We have become victims of little or no thinking. We practically allow circumstances and situations shape our lives rather than shape situations. 

Our governments are more reactive and proactive. Our systems are designed to address issues after the havoc rather than prevent issues. This is why when rain falls, like it is doing this morning, our roads will be blocked and traffic congestion is inevitable. 

These are all symptoms of poor or no thinking. For people who do not think, they will always be victims of life. Thinking is a discipline, requires discipline and you have got not just to think, but to think big, realistically, reflectively, and strategically. 

Is there a challenge you are facing? Have you really given it serious thinking? Have you placed it under the hard scrutiny of personal and shared thought? In the words of Brian Tracy, successful people are big thinkers. 

As a man thinks so he is, according to the book of Proverbs . So if you don’t think, it means you are empty. If you also don’t think big, you will remain small. The choice is yours. 

Happy New Week. 

15th July, 2017 is a date you don’t want to miss. “Cage the Minions; Unleash the Giants ”

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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