The Esau’s Mentality (1)

The story of Esau and Jacob, the twin sons of Isaac is one of the most instructional stories in the Bible. Read Genesis 25:20-34. Esau was the first born of Isaac, having won the supremacy battle between himself and Jacob in their mother’s womb. This naturally bestowed the Birthright and first born blessing on him.

However, due to his mentality, he lost this most prized possession, that is, his Birthright. 

So what is the Esau’s mentality? Esau’s mentality is the mental state of mind that dwells largely on the benefits of the present with little or no concern for the consequences of today’s actions on the future. 

It is the mentality that is largely prevalent among the human race, especially the black race. It manifests as wastefulness, thoughtlessness, short-termism, greed, avarice, poor planning and low level of development.

This mentality is one of the major reasons why the black race is still seemingly behind other races. Lord Luggard aptly wrote about the African race in the Dual Mandate, ” His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment, and he suffers little from the apprehension for the future or grief from the past.” 

It is said that when a problem has been identified, you have solved half of the problem. This is why I have chosen this topic with the hope that this series will cause the readers to engage their minds and deal with the Esau’s Mentality that has bedeviled our existence.

I have been doing a lot of self reflection in the past weeks vis-à-vis the happenings in my country, and I have come to the conclusion that unless we start thinking fast and thinking futuristically, we might be heading towards extinction.

Stay with me as we explore in this series. Thank you and have a great week.

​Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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