Who Are You Raising? (1)

Raising your children or wards is by no means a mean job. It is almost a lifetime duty. It may be apt to say parenting is one of the most important works, yet one of the jobs least prepared for. People go to colleges and universities to acquire skills and trainings to excel in the work place or business world, yet pay the least attention to being trained as a parent. 
The state of our world today is the direct reflection of the quality of parenting provided yesterday. Pant sagging, body piercing, tattoo designs, smoking and other juvenile delinquencies (sadly they are no longer restricted to the teenagers) are often the results of poor parenting. 
I feel sad each time I see these young ones involved in these vices or when I see parents doing things children shouldn’t be caught doing in the presence of their children and wards. It is therefore not surprising that we are increasingly  having young adults who are always looking for shortcut, or will always cheat in exams,  or who will never stay on queue, or who can’t even manage their finances and are always borrowing no matter how much they earn. 
The objectives of this series are:

1. To emphasize the importance of good parenting in building a great nation 

2. To train the trainers (parents) on being a good role model for their children or wards. 

3.  To speak to the hearts of our youth and cause a rebirth where necessary. 
My hope is that at the end of this series, as a parent you will be able to predict with some degree of certainty who your children or wards will become, or make adjustments where you have been erring. 
I enjoin you to stay with me in this series. Thank you and have a great week ahead. 
​Adewumi Oni





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Twitter: onadol2010

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