Balancing Spirituality with Secularity (1)

We are spiritual beings on assignment on Earth and with a body that has time limit. While still on earth, we must be spiritually conscious of our permanent home, which is in heaven, and at the same, we must be physically responsible to make an impact in the world. 
In other words, we must be heavenly conscious but also earthly responsible. Striking the balance between these two has been a challenge for many, and it is one of the major reasons why things are not working as they should. Some are overly conscious of Heaven but completely irresponsible towards their earthly obligations, while for some, it is the other way round. 
This series is therefore conceived to help us strike the right balance so that we can be a success reference both in the spiritual and secular realm. I am hoping that it will be helpful for many. 
To start with, let us define the man and man’s mission. Man is a being created in the image of God with the five fold objectives of being fruitful, multiplying, subduing, replenishing and having dominion in the earth, while also maintaining constant fellowship with God whom we will return back to later. 
The tragedy is that some have lost that connection and relationship with God in the quest to fulfil the five fold objectives. Worse still some are still in connection with God but have ceded their rights to even have dominion on the earth. These two tragedies form the crux of all human travails. Striking the right balance will lead to the emergence of the sons and daughters of God, as well as the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. 
Join me in the second part of the series in the next series. 
Have a great day and remain blessed. 
​Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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