Night Reflections – Be Sensitive

​In a bid to reach some of my followers who may not be able to read my morning broadcasts due to their busy schedules, I will be alternating my broadcast between mornings and nights. 
Let me share my experience on our way home tonight. As I and my wife were approaching the beginning of Berger long bridge on Lagos exit, we noticed a Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Officer who kept pointing to us to take the alternative route. I was hesitant because I don’t like taking the route for two reasons, one it is dusty, two the bridge itself has always been having less traffic since they opened the alternative routes. 
Anyway I was about ignoring him, but I felt it is unusual for an FRSC officer to be directing a particular vehicle to take alternative route. I wound the glass down and asked him if the bridge is blocked, he answered but I didn’t hear jack from what he said. I followed his leading anyway and we took the route. 
We ended up spending less than 15mins on the alternative route before we came out at Wawa exit. In all, our journey from Berger to Mowe took less than 50mins. While we were on the alternative route, we noticed that the bridge wasn’t moving as it used to. 
My point is that we need to be sensitive to divine leadings. The officer was the angel God used to direct us away from traffic. If we had ignored him, we might still be in traffic now. God can use anything and anyone to lead us, we however need to sharpen our spirit man to recognize His leadings. Don’t despise His leadings whatever shape it takes. 
As the year draws to a close, you will not be misled in Jesus name. You will always hear a voice behind you leading you right at all times. You won’t miss your time and season in Jesus name. Amen. 
Have a restful night and stay blessed. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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