I Will Die At My Post 

The gallant late Lt. Col. Abu-Ali who led the Nigerian troops against the Boko Haram rebels was said to have told his colleagues to do 5% of the job while he will do the remaining 95% with an Armoured Tank. He was such a consummate soldier to the extent that he told his colleagues to take care of themselves at the battlefield and if anyone should die, it has to be him. Indeed he fought and gave his life for the freedom of citizens of the nation. May His Gallant Soul Rest in Peace. Amen. 
Yesterday, in church as we were singing the hymns, one line caught my attention and brought Late Lt. Col. Abu-Ali to my memory. The line says, ‘I will be a true soldier, I will die at my post.’ Just as Lt. Col. Abu-Ali died at his post, everyone who will fulfil purpose must be ready to die at his duty post. If you have not found that calling that consumes your entire being to the point of being ready to give your life if necessary, you are yet to start living. He that seeks to save his life will lose it. 
People who leave indelible marks in the sands of time are usually people who find their true calling and give their all to the calling. They don’t retire from their calling, they fight until they sleep in rest. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King, name them, they gave it their all until their last breath. Do you want to be registered in the Hall of Fame of posterity? 
So as I joined in singing the hymn yesterday, I renewed my vow to stay at my duty post until I finish my earthly race. I will keep saying the truth, preaching and teaching the truth both in words and actions, speaking and writing against injustice, wickedness, unrighteousness and the ills in our society. I will do this using every legal means possible and with every ounce of blood in me. I will not be cowed or intimated by the persons involved and will remain true to my conscience and my Maker, so help me God. 
I, Adewumi Oni will be a true soldier and I will die at my post. How about you? Have you found your post, let alone dying at your post? 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

Adewumi Oni 






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