The Future is a Product of Today 

​Whenever the seed of any plant is planted, it dies first. It dies and opens up for another life to come forth. It brings forth another life after its own kind. Without planting the seed, there can’t be a new life. The new plant that comes from the seed usually produces multiples of seed and then the cycle is repeated over and over again. Anytime plant ceases to grow, it is because the gardener has stopped planting seeds or something is wrong with the seed or soil. 
When you begin to experience drought in your personal life, it may be an indication that you have stopped seeding or you are planting poor seed or on a bad soil. Anytime a country is undergoing recession as we currently are, it is an indication of not planting enough to generate the harvest that will more than meet the needs of its citizens. 
In your personal life, you must keep planting seeds. Your seeds may be in form of investment, studying more, improving your skills, learning new skills, helping others, etc. Harvest is not automatic, it is the end result of seeding. 
What seeds are you planting today? You have no right to demand from your future what you have not planted into your today. The future belongs to those who nurture the seeds of their today. Seed well today and the future is yours. 
Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010


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