Divine Speedbreakers

​Speedbreakers are commonly found on roads where there is a lot of human trafficking or on roads that are not very long. The purpose of these Speedbreakers are to reduce the speed of vehicles and consequently reduce the chances of lone accident or collision with human or other vehicles. They are more of safety devices, though they slow movement down. 
Just as we have physical Speedbreakers, there are also Divine Speedbreakers God places in people’s lives for several reasons. Such Speedbreakers sometimes are in the forms of disappointments, miscarriages, failures and some losses. God sees the end of a  journey from its beginning because He is called the Alpha and Omega (the Beginning and the End), so He knows where to put some checks in forms of speedbreakers to save us from suffering wreckage. 
Such speedbreakers may be to save us from impending dangers. He often denies us some jobs or positions or requests because of the hidden danger ahead. They may also be to nurture some necessary attributes in us, before we proceed on our lives journey. If He wants you to develop the virtue of patience, He will slow you down deliberately until you learn to wait on Him. Other times, we encounter speedbreakers because we must meet certain people at that junction of our lives. Or for us to enjoy certain blessings reserved for some locations. 
Whichever forms these speedbreakers take, they are all for one purpose, to ensure we get safely to our destinations. We therefore need to be discerning enough to know when what you are confronting is a divine speedbreaker as opposed to attacks from evil forces. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 






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